Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Best Christmas Gift

This week I watched a video of young African girls humiliated and in tears, testifying how they were forced to miss school and stay at home for up to two weeks, whenever they had their menstrual cycle. All because they didn’t have the basic sanitary needs met.

Driven by this humiliation, some gave themselves to trade for sanitary items, resulting in pregnancy and in a more desperate situation.

There is equally as much need as there is excess in this world. We don’t have to save the world, but every one of us could do a little more to help one person in dire need.

As we move toward Christmas, a celebration of the biggest gift from God to us, those of us who have plenty, please consider gifting someone less fortunate with something they cannot provide for themselves and that they desperately need.

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Michelle said...

Yes. Love this post. Xx

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