Friday, September 14, 2012

Crazy about and crazy without my space

How much emphasis should be put on a productive working space? Personally speaking, the productivity and enthusiasm for the next 8-16 hours is greatly affected by my environment the moment I step into my studio. I can chug along, pushing through the day amongst disorganised chaos or be totally fired up, energised and extremely focused in an environment that is suitably balanced. My environment affects me almost as much as my sleep or lack thereof. It has been a thorn in my side reorganising my space since I shifted 2 years ago and I have finally made headway.

Yesterday was a 16 hour day in which sped past extremely fast and for good reason. I have always been possessive over my work space and do my utmost to shield it from any loitering household members or unrelated objects vying for a place of storage. Today I invite you to cut the opening ribbon with me and celebrate with a steaming cup of chocolate dusted brewed coffee and a big whoohoo as I unveil my incredible new studio and office. WHOOHOO!

I can barely contain my excitement. Presently I now sit in an area I am totally in love with and tailor made for my particular work flow. Once my shelves are up it will be simply perfect! I found an absolute bargain on Ebay; a huge workstation area. This combined with the hard work, sweat and near electrocution of my father and devoted husband has given me a work area I could once only dream of. We had no idea the thing was wired up till it sparked up but they are still alive thank you Jesus! I couldn’t appreciate their help more than I do right now. Bargain + daddy and hubby’s love + God’s protection = sane wife (not widowed), grateful daughter and super-enthusiastic illustrator. Not bad end to a week of illness and massive month of challenges. Whoohoo I repeat again.

As I sit at my computer in one of the now 3 work stations feeling super-productive, energised and excited about my day from the side door I hear a grumpy 9 year old beginning his day on the wrong foot yet again. It matters not as I close my eyes for a moment and acknowledge my heavenly place amongst life’s sometimes chaotic demands and frustrations, ignoring the distraction and feel the smile wrap around my face. I may have to leave but be assured I will return here it the minute the school bell rings and the first sound to fill the room will be Ahhhhhhh.

Ahhhhhhh yes I am back. Try not to think of the imminent school holiday break Kayleen! Oh one week to go *gulp* I assume fingernails will be torn from my fingertips, as they scrape past the studio door, pried from the very space where there is so much peace and serenity. But alas I must attend the army of three 21st century, entertainment-ravenous, activity-expectant, energetic but grumpy if even slightly bored young children. I am sure we have loads fun but I will sneak back to my place of tranquillity the very second I hear the inevitable emanating soft loud bedroom snoring or those wonderful footsteps all parents love to hear at times; helpful grandparents exiting with small army footsteps tailing behind them out the door and into the distance.

Yes this room is my heaven’s gate to a peaceful mediative mind where I can study, explore and produce the adventurous stories and characters of my creative imagination. Sure there is fun to be had on the other side of that door but this my wonderland where clothed and emotive animals, adventurous children and stories are born, where I can read, meditate and pray for direction and blessings, find peace in amongst the demands of everyday life and a place where the millions of tasks are put in an order I can manage. Yes this will do until I get to the real heaven with its everlasting joy.

Look now! The clock is yet another hour closer toward school finish bell so I best go before I feel like the anxious White Rabbit in Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and start muttering "Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be too late! Boy, posts do take a bit of time to write especially if you banter on like I have.

In closing I ask again how much emphasis should be put on a productive working space. My shorter answer would be: great emphasis – it is fundamentally personal and can influence our working day significantly. Thanks for celebrating with me. The ribbon is cut, coffee consumed and time to enjoy your day in hopefully your pen personal peaceful place.

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Jarm Del Boccio said...

I'm so happy for you, Kayleen...there's nothing like an organized work space to inspire you! I would love to see a photo of it!
By the way, do you have experience with e-book or book app illustrations? Just another one of my ideas for my hedgehog story.

Blessings to you today, my friend!

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