Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Children and Cricket

The Cricket Prize is on again this year and here is my entry or 2012. A smaller painting this time and very different from my previous entry in 2009. To be honest I was a bit reluctant to do anything realistic for this prize and wasn’t sure if my work will ever suit the art ethos of big prize shows as realism is so often flouted.  My first entry didn’t even make it through to the finalists and to be honest I was a bit surprised and disillusioned when I saw the many of the entries that did. Yes again I painted realistically/impressionistically but in a style that suits my current work more and may be acceptable for the show. 

My illustrative painting is a story-telling montage married with children’s drawings and a captured place in time where the children in the story are grown and still as infatuated with the game of cricket. The kids are having a ball and the fun children’s drawings add character as well as a time jump. I believe the painting celebrates the game of cricket from a place often born – childhood.

If I was fortunate enough to capture the judges eyes with my interpretation and actually pull off the big prize a good portion of it will be used for outreach work I am involved in. I loved painting this painting. It was a great deal of fun to put it all together but the joy of what this prize money would do for some children I am painting it for would far outweigh winning a big prize.

Accolades are determinate but helping one another, especially those who particularly struggle in life is an eternal blessing and more rewarding than any prize. Still, we can’t get very far with our work if someone doesn’t notice it either. In any case it is all in God’s hands.

Cricket Prize Entry 2012 - Oil Title: layng Out Dreams

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