Sunday, August 19, 2012

Owning a Poodle Puppy is a Teacher's Job

IT frustrating? I am not sure if patience is my strongest attribute but perseverance may well be. I have battled with my printer for years and every now and then I spend yet another hour or 2 or 3 trying to make it do what I need. I finally had victory this morning after another 2 hours of frustration and search the internet for troubleshooting. I figured it out, adjusted all the settings and finally can use it for what I bought it for! Sound boring? - well not to me - YAY!!!!!

So in saying that I was able to scan in my illustration completed last night for IF theme: Teacher.
I sketched this up (with my puppy beside me and obviously on my mind) while taking notes and listening to a MP3 talk. As a mum multitasking is not an option but a survival key and as a new owner to my poodle pup teaching is preoccupying much of my time.
Watercolour Illustration: Teacher

Pencil Sketch for Illustration Friday theme and just for fun "Teacher"


Cindy D. said...

Super adorable! Both girl and puppy. Ok, the puppy is slightly more extremely adorable. Really cute and happy scene, nice!

Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

Thanks Cindy. I was looking over your cards too. I love the elephant and the sheeps especially!

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