Sunday, January 01, 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2012 page 33-34

My first post for 2012 is one of the last pages of my Sketchbook. Happy New Year everyone. Remember to have some fun this year and be more playful with your art.

I scanned this page as I went as it is always fun to see what can come out of a random splash of paint or scribble. I started the page with paint dobbed on the page and squashed the pages together. You can see that the two images on each page turned out completely different even though the paint would have been similar but mirrored. This is the kind of stuff kid's play is made from. I have 2 pages and the cover to complete the sketchbook.
Final stage created from acrylic paint dobbed on the sketchbook page and pressed together. I used a felt marker, watercolour pencils and white acrylic to create this strange scene.

The paint mess I strated with.

Messing around with shapes got quite buggy

I saw an owl in this one (the opposite side page 34)


Greg Carrick said...

cool concept :) I like the owl

Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

Thanks Greg.

randomrose said...

Well done. I love all those who emerged from the paint, all those characters just waiting to come out.

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