Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year Illustration Kick Off

The intention was to do a Happy New Year illustration for Watercolor Wednesdays but the paper I used was not co-operative with watercolour at all. I bought a stack of this paper from the US because it was supposed to be great for illustrations. The watercolour went very blotchy on the paper but not to be defeated I decide to try mineral based media. I tested my Copic markets on the paper and they worked a treat. So much so I was able to blend nicely with them. So now I have a use for the supply of watercolour paper I bought and nothing is wasted. Let’s put this one down to a happy accident. I had been looking at papers for the Copic markers and recently bought 2 different types to try out. (more on that another time).

Copics are artist quality ink markers that can be refilled. They are very pricey with sets costing hundreds so not for the kiddies to play with. They do have a shelf life so you want to make sure you are going to get the use from them before you outlay the dollars. They are fun to use though, very immediate and I love the brush quality of the brush tip on them (they have two tips, one squaure and one like a brush).

I had these little sketches nestled in my sketchbook for a few months waiting for some colour so out they came yesterday. Happy New Year to every one of you. May 2012 bring you joy, love, laughter and time with the people who mean the most to you.


Cuppa-T said...

Love it! And I'd love to give those markers a go - they sound fun! Thanks for sharing!

Forrest Illustrations said...

Markers are fun. I have found that watercolor is different on every type of paper. Great image fun!

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