Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas Card Illustration for this coming Christmas

I have launched into 2012 with great enthusiam creativly and spent some time on my much-needed journaling sketchbook. This and the play time on my Ipad has been fun to say the least. I have my 2012 goal list at my right and I have used my first week in January well. The kids and I have cooked up a storm and I have finished a logo for my hubby who is to start a personal training business this year. I have fitted in time for family and a friend who need some help and almost finished clearing up the Christmas montage (the tree packs up today). If the year continues like this I will be amazed at all that will be achieved.

It is my full intenton to be even more organised this year and spend more time with family and friends and I have strated out by finihing an illustration I had scketched up for a Christmas card ready for Christmas 2012. If you look closely the message of Christmas is still represented in the Christmas illustration (rare for most illustrations). There is a baby Jesus in amager against the nortern star and the 3 wise men. See if you can spot the manger :-)

Usually i am painting madly in the last week and print off a couple Christmas mornings in desperation. Looks like 2012 will be the year of organisation Maximus!

And so 2012 is looking good in my eyes. What does your year looks like? What have you planned for yourself? Have you written down your goals for the year? Have you made a productive start to the year?

Christmas Card Illustration in Watercolour: Can we help?

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