Monday, January 16, 2012

An Artist's Journal can be like a Holiday

As I prepared for this year I decided to journal more. I find an artist journal for me is more of a playground or holiday away from expectations. I can just mess around with anything and explore what is personal to me. I put up the start of my calendar in case you may want to start the year doing the same.

Page from my journal using the letter K as the main feature.

A little image that takes little time make for a personal calendar to look back on in a journal.


juliangreenfield said...

The journals are the creative expressions of the artists! Love reading them.

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Pat Robinson said...

A journalist ought to be creative. That’s his job. The picture displayed speaks volumes about creativity.

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margaretbechly said...

The artists’ creative expression is the journal. On the other hand it is the duty of the journalist to be creative.

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