Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012 pages 27-28

The Sketchbook Project 2012 pages 27-28
I used a lunch docket I had scribbled two ladies on while waiting for my lunch and messed around in my sketchbook for something different.


randomrose said...

If that is messing Love it. How cool is the word 'lunch'. Clever, bright and cute. Your sketch book it amazing

Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

Thanks Rosemary. It has ben fun to do I must admit. Messing around with different ideas is always a good thing I think even if you botch some up. It stretches you and you have a ball doing it. I have been working in my sketchbooks more beign quite self-indulgent lately. It is my way of having a holiday without getting one :-)

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