Friday, November 04, 2011

What scares me the most

I am SCARED but am so going to try to do this but I am terrible usually doing a daily project everyday over a long period if I am not being paid. I am always cramming. This is a great idea to brainstorm ideas for manuscripts. It can be as small as a heading but gets you going (a bit like a blank canvas I guess).
The signup date is closed now but anyone who wanted to try it still could do it anonymously or sign up next time. Following the daily posts will be inspirational (get the juices flowing so to say).

Tara Lazar's blog Writing for Kids (While raising them) has some great info on it including an alphabet list of things kids like and don't like to kick-start ideas

My first idea came to me the morning I found this (and coincidentally the last chance to sign up) and even more coincidentally I recoiled at the story being such a good fit for a publisher I am going to see this month. It came to me (as many do) early in the morning just after I woke at 4am. I have been doing many 4am starts trying to grab extra quiet (child-free, phone telly-marketing call free) time to work. Sales calls really drive me nuts. My husband and I were discussing how it has spoilt it for genuine businesses. Cold calling is OK if it is related but all the calls for changing services and scamming should be stopped. I have to screen my phone 27/7 now. I don't pick up if it is a private, overseas or interstate number now. I rely on the messages and call back if it is legit - frustrating.

I have spent the past week doing a massive clean out of files, catching up with paperwork and sorting my computer files (millions of them). That is a job that has been pending for months after a computer change over in a rush. Oh the duplicates! Unfortunately I discovered if you move your Outlook files it MESSES YOUR EMAIL UP TERRIBLY! After hours of frustration I took a break and painted, disappearing into Happy Land.
It is scary how close it is getting to Christmas. Time to get my cards organised!
Ok so the illustration I finished today is not scary but what is scary is how close Christmas is! I finished this today so I could organise cards in time. I am trying to create an illustration for Christmas cards each year as a personal family thing but have started uploading them to Redbubble to make them available to others. So if you are looking for cards please check out the few I have on there.

I have so much news but I will have to share later. Stay tuned :-)

Oh nearly forgot the link: PIBOIDMO sign up
And for the alphabet list I mentioned: LINK

Anyone else illustrating and writing madly?


Cindy D. said...

Great painting! I love these guys and all their decoration. Really cool how you don't just have them just standing in a line like you normally see them. I want to know, what is that one pointing at? (The North Star, I suppose?) Great job!

Kayleen West - Illustrator said...

Spot on Cindy! Yes the star that leads them to baby Jesus. I am trying hard to simplify and could have gone nuts on the decorating but snuck in a little :-)

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