Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sketchbook Journaling A Collection of Memories Otherwise Lost

Sketchbook Journaling on my day off.

I spent some time browsing other people's sketchbook journals on YouTube as a sipped my early morning coffee. Doesn't this kind of thing stir up the creative juices?

Sketchbook Journaling is something I wish I had done more of in the past but I am getting into it more now. I did do scrapbooks for a while but stopped during a disappointing time in my life, feeling I had little to celebrate at the time. These days I could fill pages and pages. I have always had sketchbooks but lately I have thought about freeing up my expression and just having fun, noting more ideas rather than just sketching. 

Today I gave myself permission to take the day off and just do anything I wanted to do. I chose to play around in my journal and had a great time.


randomrose said...

Love the look of your sketchbooks. Sketchbooks are for playing, learning about what is inside yourself, experimenting and down right relaxing. Happy creating

Kayleen West - Children Writer and Illustrator said...

It is a discipline not to be so disciplined :-)

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