Monday, November 14, 2011

Coming Up With Ideas For Children's Picture Books

A little illustration I did on my ipod.
I am in the middle of a month’s challenge to come up with 30 picture book ideas in 30 days. The flood of ideas that has come as a result to committing to and looking out for these ideas has astounded me. I have a dozen more written down than the days I have committed to so far and a few I have since developed further.

On the way to a SCBWI meeting on Saturday I thought of 3 ideas and two on the way home. Why? Because I turned off the radio and decided to look for them while I drove. (Fear not Melbourne drivers, I did watch were I was going.)

I can simulate this experience to landscape painting trips. Sometimes when I painted outside I would take several small canvas and commit to doing small honest spontaneous works. I would paint all morning, stop for lunch and paint all afternoon producing sixteen or more in my week away. I would always come home with a special little gem. It wouldn’t be the only good painting but it sure was more special than the others. This little gem would be exquisite.  

It is the same with the story ideas. Sure you can develop several of the ideas but there will be a select few that are exquisite gems. It makes perfect sense to me to keep creating and sorting through to find the gem amongst the rocks. God willing those gems may end up in print.

Newsletter: To all those patiently waiting for a newsletter you better be sitting down. I have finally writen one! In it you will get a list of my best tip for success. the things I truly believe will make the difference to in getting published.

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