Saturday, October 01, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012 - A Starting Illustration

I am currently hibernating in my studio as the Grand Final is on and the boys are watching it but I am totally disinterested in football. IF's theme this week is hibernation so what better than to post my watercolour done while enjoying the peace of my studio today. Enjoy

Watercolour & Ink: Page 1 for the Sketchbook Project

Sketch for page 1
Sketch for page 2
I finally made a start to my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2012. I had 2 drawings done months ago and finally got the courage to see if paint would cope on the paper. I had a little bleeding through from the ink pen so will have to work around this. I was surprised that the sketchbooks were not thicker paper but it appears people using paint, ink or mixed media are often replacing the pages with better paper.

I had written a manuscript for the theme "Forever in a nutshell" and was planning to use the sketchbook as a dummy BUT I know I am going to procrastinate over it too much so I am going to take a different approach. The book will be like a commentary of what I decide doing on each page, keeping the theme going in all different directions and just HAVING UNINHIBITED FUN!


randomrose said...

Your start look great and I think your idea of having uninhibited fun is the best way to go.That kind of approach can bring amazing discoveries. I wonder if we are the only two with our heads in creating instead of football?

Joni Nickrent said...

Oh, how your work! And a perfect place to the studio! :) POP ART MINIS

Linda Hensley said...

Nice! Very cute :)

Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

Rosemary I am sure we are not alone with football. Besides I would rather be painting than mst things.

Joni Thanks. Love your blog!

Linda Thank you too. I was looking over your blog and I must say I like your version of camping. My hubby talked me into camping last Januray and it consisted of tent, noise, sand and rain. :-)

Shirley said...

Wonderful!! Enjoy the sketchbook project! It is an awesome project, for sure!

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