Saturday, October 01, 2011

Illustrator's Art Studio

From back left to right: My reading/prayer corner; a place I really treasure. My office where I do all things Internet related. The easel is one of 2 I use in my studio. I have a box easel for field painting too hiding behind my chair. The tale in the foreground is where I do my drawing, watercolour and mixed media work.
I had a request to see my studio space and you are seeing it after a BIG clean up. I cannot stand working in a studio that is too disorganised and it can get out of control. Our kiddies went on a 5 day break with the granparents and took advantage and went through all the paperwork in my office and sorted the studio out. I will explain how I work in this area...

From back left again. You can see the drafting table where I do acrylic and oil illustrations mostly and the large easel at the window that holds extra large canvases the other easel in the previous pic does not. (Also shown here on the middle left). You are looking from my office area.
So as you can see I work at 4 stations. I only use the office area for an office. The paint stays up the other end. I do sketch a lot in our lounge too while my hubby is watching TV at night. So that is where I work, rest and play. It is my personal space and I love to hide in my studio and do the things I love most to do. I would love you to share your links to your studio spaces too!

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