Monday, September 12, 2011

Illustrated Envelopes

My entry for Omnibus Books Illustrated Envelope Competition.
Omnibus Books, an imprint of Scholastic are running an illustration competition. I amused myself today creating an envelope entry. The senior editor Dylan Blacklock will soon have a lovely collection of original illustrations. Painting on envelopes is definitely more of a challenge to using nice watercolour paper but fun no less. I deliberately cut my stamp to fit in with my design so I hope Australia Post is OK with that.


Jenni Price illustration said...

This is such a creative, unique idea and it turned out so great!

Thank you for the encouragement on my blog today! It's so, so, nice to meet you...another artist who loves children's illustration as much as I do!


Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

You are most welcome jenni. I have posted your fantastic pandcake art on my FB page. Love it!

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