Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to repair a dented canvas.

What do you do with a damaged stretched canvas? How do you get the dents out? First of all don’t throw them out! No they can be saved. There is an answer and it occurred to me to share it today as I was repairing a canvas that had been dented in storage after our move. The method is easy and are as follows:

Spray the back of the dented area with water (I use a water atomiser). If the dints are very definite rub the water in so it soaks well into the fabric. Using a hairdryer dry off the areas on both the front (if unpainted) and back until the canvas stretches back.

This also works for slack canvases. Paintings that have loosened on the stretcher bars. Give a light spray all over the back and dry until it springs back.
I hope that is helpful to someone.

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