Saturday, July 23, 2011

Playful morning of Illustrating for Children.

Yesterday I ventured over to Maroondah Gallery to hear an artist talk by Shane Jones. Shane has a solo exhibition worth seeing called Self Portrait in the contemporary World. I was particularly attracted to his quirky trompe-l'œi l work such as the imitation bubble wrapped paintings and the laptop sculpture called website created out of MDF and painted to look like a mac laptop with a website on the screen. The exhibition closes 27th August. I do recommend it. Maroondah Gallery Info

Today I am off to the SCBWI meeting in Carlton. We have had a shift of residence this month due to a floor falling in. I am really looking forward to hearing the guest speakers Hazel Edwards, Felicity Marshall & Regine Abos.

I finished off quite a bit of work for the book I am focusing on right now this week. I would like to share a little but the oil paintings are not photographing too well and too big to scan on my A3 printer. This morning I wake around 4.30am and couldn’t sleep with imagery in my head so I relented and got an illustration finished in coloured pencil. I drew on the IF theme this week (Perennial) while in keeping  with another manuscript I have written and would like to develop illustrations for. These are the 3 characters in the book. They are making a real mess of Mum’s perennial flower bed but unquestionably enjoying it. I hope it makes you smile.


Indigene said...

It absolutely is adorable and made me smile!

Alison said...

Wish I had their energy!

Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

Theresa I am glad it put a smile on your face. Lovely thoughtful post on your blog too.

Alison I KNOW! I do too. Sometime I have that kind of energy but kids always seen to have so much more.

Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

I will have to re-draw this. The dog's legs are all wrong. What was I thinking?

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