Thursday, July 21, 2011

Creating a Creative Space - More than just a Studio

It has finally arrived! The solution to my very being functioning with sanity. Drumroll….. It is my reading place, my chill out, reflection space, my go away word I need to recharge place; my new barrel chair.

Recently I was prompted to writing my personal vision and one of the dreams I had was to have a place in my studio to relax. I have found more and more that I need a quiet place away from every interruption where I can be in my own space completely, read my bible, books, pray, watch what I want to watch on T.V, sketch, listen to audios or just reflect. Until I wrote my vision I only saw the problem. I didn’t really see the solution.

I love to relax on a cushy chair at the end of the day for a few minutes and often the lounge is a noisy zone. We have open living and this has all the elements of kitchen activity and 3 active young children and disruption attached to it. My studio is a functional area but also a reclusive area for me. I am raising young children for the second time at a time in my life that I am focusing on career. Creating balance for the combination of personalities in our home has been difficult but we are finding our ways. I am a more get up and meditate over Breaky and a strong coffee and perhaps a read kinda gal. My new family are more, get up early and ROCK ‘N’ RANT personalities. 

When we married my hubby and I bought our home together with a deliberate floor plan. The first half of the house is strictly a parent's zone. We have Hubby’s office, our bedroom and my studio before entering the living, eating and children’s areas. This makes sleeping and working easier. The kids know not to keep interrupting if I am in the studio (works a bit) and they use the back door for going in and out a thousand times a day. With 3 kids the average time I was interrupted was every 4-5 minutes before we put boundaries in place. Now it is a whole lot less.

Oh I love my studio a whole lot more now! And yes that phone is being moved from there now!

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