Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Palm Sunday Paintings

I know this has been a long time coming and people have been waiting for the images so I do apologies. This past couple of months have been unbelievably busy. These paintings were created in oil for the Palm Sunday services at Careforce Church in Mount Evelyn Victoria.

I very much rely on prayer to direct my painting when it is for a service and this one was a bit of a testing time for me. Usually I am given an image early but nothing came to be until I prayed in desperation the Friday night. I heard God tell me to just start sketching and the image unfolded on paper.  Each painting was done in about 90 minutes and is 40 inches square. I took one of the paintings further working on it a few days after the service to bring it to completion for my wonderful husband who had fallen in love with the painting. 

The series we were covering was called Unstoppable. The service was about the deliberate and intentional series of events that had to take place leading up to Calvary. Jesus was treated brutally but was no weak victim. He was aware of all that would take place. Scripture prophecy would be fulfilled through him and we would be restored back into relationship with our heavenly father as a result of his deliberate sacrifice.  He laid down his life for us so we can have salvation and a relationship with God. No one took it from him. Unstoppable power!

Detail of Jesus weeping over Jeruselum. He knew what pain was in the future for God's people.

Detail - Jesus reaching in the temples.

Detail - The palm fronds and clothing laid out for the promised Saviour

Detail - The risen King

Painting from the 9am Service

Painting from the 11am Service

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Anonymous said...

That is so cool! I love the background of the door behind Jesus preaching in the temple. Awesome stuff.


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