Thursday, March 31, 2011

How many ways can you write your artist's profile?

It better be quite a few because as from late February this year Google is getting tough on duplicate content. I will explain.

Recently I submitted my profile to an art website listing (as you do often enough when promoting your work). I pulled one of my paragraphs from my website profile. The site owner contacted me requesting that I re-write my profile so they do not get penalised by Google search engine for duplicate content. I questioned this as I thought you only had to vary the article a little and that was OK. Not now folks. The helpful site owner gave me a link to some information and sure enough I had an issue. I had to write a completely different block of text.

This got me thinking. Now I really need to sit down and do a few profile variations. This raises the question; do I put my best written content on my own website or the higher profile representation websites that may be more likely to bring me the work? What are your thoughts on this???

This week's them for Illustration Friday is "Toy"
I painted this pastel using one of my bears as a model. Meet Samuel.


Anonymous said...

I would say put your best content on the other websites rather than your own, but really depends on how good the other website is in giving you more traffic.

It's kind of like a gallery and a studio really... there's no point having an awesome studio if there is no-one there to see it!

I love the bear he is really beautiful, the old bicylcle is just too cute.


Giselle McMenamin said...

Wow, what a beautiful illustration.

Jack Foster said...

What a beautiful painting Kayleen! How have you been? Busy... I hope :o) I have been. Woo Hoo! I was thinking about the whole duplicate/Google thing. I wonder if you put the same content, but in a different order, if it would come up as a duplicate? Or just rephrase a few lines? Just wondering how much different is different.

Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

Thanks Giselle & my friend Jack. I have been great and yes busy. I will be posting an update in the next couple of days.I think it has to be pretty different from what I understand (more than changing some words). Here is a link to read:

Linda Hensley said...

Lovely pastel. I read the article, which I'll admit is mostly greek to me, but I think I get the general ideas. It seems to me that you should put your best profile on your own website because ultimately, all roads lead back to that. The exception might be if one of the sites you contribute to brings you more revenue. I'll be interested in what you find out about this topic in the future. Good luck!

Windelena said...

Nicely done. I like the look.

Missy said...

Nice to meet you Samuel, adorable! I didn't know that about the text thing, I learned something new!

LDahl said...

I think your light in this painting is very well done. Nice illo.

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