Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Children's Lunchbox Notes of Love - Week 2

The hand-made lunchbox notes were a hits with my children. The children's lunchbox notes for this week were predominately watercolour illustrations. I did use a fine liner for the outlines. The children loved their first notes last week and were asking for them on Monday but I decided to give it to them at the end of the week. This allows me more time to prepare each week. 

Today I picked up some craft supplied so I had more coloured card on hand for many more to come. I have started collecting little bits I find and popping them into a box for this very project.I am careful to scan junk-mail for illustration opportunities etc.

Has this inspired anyone else to make any? I would love to see them.


Sue Stergo said...

Gorgeous idea and such a fantastic job! I'm still getting used to packing lunches for my Preppy, but inspires for the days to come.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

I love your blog, drawings and finished illustrations. Neat idea the lunch box notes.

Kayleen West Cavill said...

Thank you for following my blog Mary and for your comments.

Hi Sue. The kids love anything we make them. Just have a go. I would love to see what you do.

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