Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Children's Book Illustration - Adoptive Father

This is my first finished illustration for my book "Adoptive Father". I am nearly finished another double page but I worked on this one while I reflected on the first one. This page is about how God loves children because of the way they can love. The photo is reflecting the canvas so I apologise for the poor reproduction on my blog. I find photographing oils is difficult. The canvas always seems to catch the light. I am really looking forward to working through the pages for this book.
I got too realistic on the first illustration and had to go back to sketching ideas again. I need the first page to be fairly realistic but child-like also. I produced the illustration above in the style I was aiming at. The first page is quite complex and has many elements. The illustration represents all God created (which is a lot!) Because the book is intended primarily for Indian children, I chose animals and elements that are more common to India. The book should still appeal to children in different countries though. Feedback welcome. It is never too late to make changes!


Jack Foster said...

Hello Kayleen my sister! I really love the style you used to illustrate this! Glad you decided to redo the more realistic work to this. Great expressions too... so full of life, love and joy! God bless! Wonderful idea for a book too.

Kayleen West - Children's Book Illustrator said...

Thanks Jack my Brother :-)
The first one looked like more like Santa so I am looking forward to making an adjustment to that one.Thanks again for your encouraging comments.

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