Sunday, February 20, 2011

Super hero gone wrong in this children's illustration!

Jamie tried to dress up as an invented super hero. Balancing on the fir ball she imagined herself to be The balancing hero. It was hot business being the balancing hero!

I think if a super hero turned up looking like this I would be worried! This week’s theme for Illustration Friday is Layer. I had fun illustrating layer in three ways in the one illustration. The child in the illustration is putting on layers of clothing pretending to be a super hero. Jamie is propped on a fit ball and imagining the sky. The chicken in the background (obviously a layer) and the cakes balancing on his head with layers of cake, cream and icing.

Some other illustration ideas I had were:

Layers of Fat, paperwork, blankets, cloth, topping, sauce, butter.
Peeling off a layer
Brick layer Concrete layer
Photoshop layers
Beneath the layers or behind the layers
Layermez take off Les Misérables (play on words)

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