Monday, February 28, 2011

February Action Report - Children's Illustration

I can't believe it has been another month already. It has been a busy one as well. I have been continually adding actions to my journal for you to inspect my February actions below. Any suggestions are warmly welcome and encouraged. As I have now made the brave move to focus on this as full-time as I can, March should see some momentum. I am working from my home office/studio full-time as from tomorrow. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

BELOW: Some random sketches from my Visual Diary / Sketchbook from the past few weeks while I was watching T.V in my down time.

ABOVE: I was watching a kids movie with my children and started thinking dogs

ABOVE: I a few pages of children at the park, on the move on Australia Day. It was packed with fast moving models.

 January's action steps:
  • Finished double page spread for Book B
  • Researched eyes, doves and Indian animals for Book A, finished prep drawing for page 1 & painted first illustration (but not happy with it yet)

  • Ordered more children’s book references from Amazon & Ebay, adding more books to my reference library. Purchasing the ones the kids really like and the one's that have exceptional illustrations (in my opinion)
  • Visit to library and borrowed approx. 25 books (children’s picture books and books on the subject)
  • Started taking notes on the Children's books I read and doing short reviews for my reference (what works & doesn't, favourites, extra special illustrations etc)
  • Handed in resignation to work full-time on illustrations. I finished on the 28th February Wish me luck! Or better still say a prayer for me please?
  • Submitted portfolio to ASA’s Stylefile
  • Artists Visual Diary Blog February posts x 7
    08/02/2011: -
    Children's Illustrations in Manageable Stages 
    15/02/2011: - Sweating over my children's Illustration this week
    17/02/2011: - Children's School Crossing Safety Illustration

    20/02/2011: - Super hero gone wrong in this children's illustration!
    24/02/2011: - Children's Lunchbox Notes of Love
    27/02/2011: - Free Illustrated 2011 Calendar to download. 
    28/02/2011: - February Action Report - Children's Illustration

  • 14 posts on my Facebook Fan page
  • Illustration Friday: Sketches for Reverse and sweater, Digital Illustration for Sweater & Layer (The layer post got the most Internet hits in the history of my blog)
  • Artday Monday posts x1 (Horse with hands riding a bike)
  • Joined Watercolor Wednesday (For Children’s Book Illustrators) See link at side
  • Changed my new details on my portfolio files (address, phone etc from move)
  • Created files to print out envelopes with my illustration logo on them.
  • Daily drawing in sketchbook while watching TV and any semi-idle moments. (27pages)
  • Updated some Internet contact details
  • Started collecting images for image morgue for future reference
  •  Sorted my folders in my email program (I have several email addresses and this makes it messy)
  • Blog hits January: 1212, February: 1622 (up by 410)
  • Website: Updated new images: Safety Illustration/ Artday Monday theme
  • Gathered more potential client details
  • Making 3 weekly lunchbox craft notes for my children x 2 (will post the second lot this coming week)

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