Thursday, February 17, 2011

Children's School Crossing Safety Illustration

Why chickens give up crossing the road"
Children's road crossing safety illustration

I watched a video recently on the dangers of texting while driving. This was in my mind when I sketched up an illustration in my visual diary last night for Artday Monday’s them “Horse with hands on a bike”. I have titles itWhy chickens gave up crossing the roadI worked on this children’s illustration this morning as I get used to using Painter. Posting my original sketch gives you an idea how the paintings can vary from the original. I added the school crossing stop sign and crossing chicken lady’s hat to make the point of the danger to children.

I am enjoying pushing the ideas further and combining themes as an extra challenge. This has to improve my story telling skills. I am also enjoying the daily sketching habit I am forming. It is great to look back and see you have filled dozens of pages of whimsical illustrations each month from doodling in your downtime. (Hmmmm down time - what's that?)

Original pencil sketch for safety illustration

Watching the video on Facebook the other day made me realise how terribly easy it is to be involved in an accident using your mobile phone while driving. Most of the fatal text messages were only a few letters long. Eg: lol or year! This is something to consider seriously.

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