Thursday, February 24, 2011

Children's Lunchbox Notes of Love

Layers of paint, paper, oil pastel and a few hours of tremendous fun!

I had an amazing afternoon on Tuesday. After reading a post by my Facebook Illustrator friend Holli Conger on lunch box notes I decided to warm up and do 3 little notes for my new step-children. Holli has been helpful to me recently with some needed advice - Thanks Holli.

I decided to bless my family in this way and use it as a creative warm up for the day. I got so carried away making these notes. I spent the whole afternoon making them. Not to be left out, I made one for my husband to show my appreciation for his love and support. I snuck out and left his on the dashboard of his car Tuesday night on the way to a meeting. He found it in the morning before he starts his day and was timely as he was feeling a little flat that day.

My youngest is in Prep and is learning to spell the letters a, s & c and so I incorporated the letters he is learning to re-enforce what he is doing at school. I might make a book out of his notes for him later.

I have told the kids they can look forward to a note each week in their school bags. It may pay for me to get a few made in advance to me to keep up this routine. The 3 children can share what they got with each other after school. It is great to be able to incorporated the gifts God gave you, work in that gifting and bless others at the same time. Maybe that is how God intended it.


ArtbyAndy said...

Very cute. They look so retro!

Am Ampersand A said...

This warms my heart. You are an awesome mom!

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