Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Children's Illustrations in Manageable Stages

Book Illustration from - Lachlan's Circus Lesson
by Kayleen West Cavill

Time Management How?
This is how my working day looks. I have several chores to do like returning library books and shopping after picking kiddies up from school and a meeting tonight I cannot cancel. The next few hours I want to achieve a ton of artwork BUT I have committed to today being a blogging, marketing, networking, business type day. Torn between knowing there is little time to do some finished work this week and staying obedient to my schedule is tough. I feel I have to be flexible without forgetting what actions needs to be kept in place long-term.

And so today I have decided to cut back the hours I work on the Internet and to allow a bit more painting to be done as “life” commitments are going to take some time today and during this week.

Illustrations this past week
I am happy to report that I have almost finished a double page spread illustration for one of my books. Now I am closer to having a package to show publishers. There are a few minor touches still to do but I have posted it as is.

Preparation drawings (bottom drawing on canvas)

I prepared the canvas by sealing the drawing and stained with colour before painting

Illustrations laid out on my drafting table were I painted the final illustration in acrylic paint.

Today - Christian book Illustration?
Today I want to do one of the illustrations I have prepared for a Christian book (personal project) that has been pressing on my heart. It is important that I work on this book as much as I can while I build up my children’s book illustration portfolio. I am ready to move onto the final illustration from the prepared drawing.

Illustration Friday - Reverse
What an interesting theme this week for Illustration Friday. It was quite a challenge but I came up with 2 original ideas. I also want to do a finished illustration for Illustration Friday from at least one of the sketches I prepared last night.

Licensing work
Last week I was contacted for some licensing illustration work for some fun children’s fabric panels. When this project is finalised I will share the fun designs I have been commissioned to do.

January business report
I know I owe you a run-down on what I got up to in January and I will post that next so you can see I have not been idle. I took my work on holidays to Pambula over January and did manage to get some work done. It was tough finding personal space with 3 kids in a busy camping ground but I did manage some work. January was still productive.

Sketchbooks & visual diaries - our secret ingredients to success
My main focus this month has been on sketching more regularly which has been fun and very worthwhile. I have heaps of sketches from the past month.

Facebook chat
Join me on facebook for a chat and I will try to answer any questions you may have. Click like on my page to join in. (KW Children's Illustration)


Ann Marie DiVecchia said...

Hi Kayleen - Thanks for stopping by! I found your post interesting especially because I can relate to the time management issue. I find it quite a challenge. I also enjoyed reading about all the things you are doing and seeing your work in phases.

Kayleen West Cavill said...

Thanks Ann. It is a great community - blogging and on Facebook. It is lovely to connect with others with the same passion and share experience.

Bella Sinclair said...

You are a very busy mom, indeed! But in between the family life and marketing and meeting, you manage to create fantastical, whimsical, and colorful pieces like this one. Wow, it is teeming with life and energy and fun! Beautiful painting!

Lauren said...

oh Kayleen that is just stunning!! You will make a wonderful illustrator for children's books.

Yes you owe us a January post, I was going to post everything I got done in January under yours! :-) I've been writing everything I do down, helps me to see I'm not being as lazy as I thought I was! haha

be blessed!

Kayleen West Cavill said...

Thank you Bella, That is a real compliment coming from you (a wonderful illustrator). Lauren I may be a little late but am determined to keep posting my monthly actions for at least 12 months. January is up now and Feb is up to date ready for posting in a couple of weeks.

tricky said...

oh, wow!
I love the colours of this illustration!
and it's always interesting to see the process an artist goes through to create such a wonderful drawing.

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