Saturday, January 01, 2011

Manuscript to Finished Illustrations - The beginning

I ended 2010 measuring up and cutting out canvas ready for the final illustrations and compiling all my preliminary material. Over the next couple of weeks I will be working on the illustrations for 3 children’s book manuscripts I have written. I am still working on the sketches but wanted the canvas prepared and at my fingertips.

You maybe wondering why I am working on several at once. This is how I have often worked when painting. It keeps me fresh and enthusiastic. I move back and forth developing ideas as they come to me. I may work on one for some time but when I start feeling stale I shift to another. This way I am more productive and enjoy what I do.

have decided to use acrylics for final illustration on 2 of the books. Acrylics are so versatile. You can use them like watercolour or oil with the correct mediums. They are more forgiving than works on paper and you can control the drying times with retarder. I may shift to pastel after that (not sure).
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I have cut my pre-primed canvas with a boarder for masking. It is nice to put the masking tape off after the painting is done and get the effect of the pages. I have measured them at 10 and 12 inches (double pages 20 and 24 inches). Make sure you don’t leave the masking tape on over an extended period of time as it can stick too well.

Here are the individual manuscripts and sketches to date compiled in flip files or card file. I put each section of the project into plastic sleeves. I label each sleeve so I get used to a system. I have one for original drawings, one for copies, One rough manuscript (the scribbled out first draft) and one for final with illustration notes (more on that later).

I have a PDF file I use to print onto A4 sheets of paper with 3 double page spread layout boxes on it for my thumbnail or dummy sketches. (I might make this file available for downloading for my subscribers if there is interest). The projects are compiled like this for portability too so I can take them with me if needed. I like the clear covers that let the project show through. In the image you can see copies of some of the character sketches in 2 and a manuscript layout on one (this has no drawings as yet).


Anonymous said...

whoohooo go Kayleen!!

Lauren xo

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!


DoodleDesign said...

Hi Kathleen, I'm so impressed with your art works! You're quite an inspiration to me.. as I'm still figuring out my life as an artist.. and/or illustrator.

Well, my best wishes to you in 2011!

Kayleen West Cavill said...

Thanks Lauren. DD it is great to know it helps someone else and we can share our journeys. I have heaps to report and will take time but bit by bit I will share all I can.

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