Thursday, December 02, 2010

My new Copic Sketch markers for children's illustration

Gee what a year. I have moved and had so much change in my life. Poor blog neglected! Tonight I fiddled with my new set of Copic sketch markers, then the watercolour pencils and a little play in Photoshop. I ended up with a coloured image appropriate for this week's Illustration Friday "Savour". Next time I will use better paper when testing the Copics as you couldn't blend too well on the paper I used.


I am James said...

Love the bright colours you have used and youre clean illustrating style, my 5 year old son always savour's his sausages

Missy said...

Great illustration, I really enjoy that little girl!

Paula said...

I feel so much joy when I see my daughter eating with a smile in her eyes. This girl (illustration) makes me happy too. This is the delight for parents (although the food nowadays should be organic ;-))

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