Thursday, December 09, 2010

Journey to Children's Illustration

1. The initial sketch developed from baby Jesus to a full-on nativity scene. Seeing i hadn't sketched in a while I think I wanted the lot and got carried away!

Ok now it is time to get active on my blog. No more messing around. Time to get serious! Today I would like to share with you the beginning of a Christmas card design I am doing. Late I know but better late than never hey? Some time back I did a secular design of an elf and some very cute and mischievous mice making off with the presents but this year I really wanted to illustrate the real meaning of the Christmas.

After shifting recently I finally have a studio to settle into and my focus is to pursue my passion – children’s illustration. I work outside this profession but it is time to get serious and kick this career into gear. I have load to do, better portfolio, website and marketing and I would like to share this journey with you. Inspired by another illustrator who documented her journey to success I am going to journey more on my blog and share the steps I take to becoming successful illustrator (now that is throwing positive words out there). I know I have it in me and that is just a matter of making it a priority giving it the time it deserves.

2. I scanned my pencil sketch into the computer and worked on the colour in Painter. I left room around as I decided to finish the shapes in the scene rather than crop them.

And so over this past week I have pulled out the sketch book and started to play Mrs Children’s Illustrator in every hour I can steal for myself. I have the support from my gorgeous husband so I am set to start. The work this week can be seen on the last 2 post (just quick warm up fiddles) and now this Christmas illustration is the first meaty one for a long while. I have sifted through my archives late last night and decided to rework some illustrations and finish a few that have a nice start, so I have more in my portfolio.

I feel both overwhelmed with ideas and “To Dos” and very excited. I could hardly sleep last night now my creative spirit is free to be unleashed. Look out!

3. I worked on the illustration more in Photoshop but still heaps more to do. I will be working on it today so stay tuned for my next post this week (today or tomorrow)

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