Thursday, December 30, 2010

Business Side of Illustrating - Steps to Success

It has been 20 days since my last post (sounds like confession lol) and I have done an incredible amount of work toward building my illustration career. I have been equipping my studio ordering reference books on card publishing, children’s writing and illustration, a Rhyming dictionary and a CMYK reference book for printing. I bought some art supplies and finally a good calibrator for my monitors. My Christmas money was well spent.

I have been setting up my studio space in a way that will make my work flow productive and fluid including putting boundaries in for our children. They know the studio is a quiet area and not to interrupt me all the time and my husband helps me to reinforce this. Our youngest child will be at school next year so all time at home will be uninterrupted during the day. I set up a hard copy image morgue filing system and sorted every drawer and corner of my studio.

I have spent hours researching on the internet and took time to study my website traffic habits. I finally updated my websites working on my S.E.O. I found my images to be right up there in Google on good key word searches most likely due to the work on my website. Many illustrators and authors neglect this. I have attempted a little marketing here and there while updating information on business portals after a change of address.

Incredibly I have started and finished the manuscript for one book that literally downloaded into my head one morning last week and finished off another I had started this month also. Additionally I began the character sketches for all 3 books I have in motion (one written months ago) and I am now part way through the dummy sketches on the latest 2 books. I plan to take my manuscripts away with me on a break to work all the sketches and hopefully come back with 3 dummy books completed. If I can have a few finished illustrations by then too I will be wrapped!

I cannot believe what I have managed to achieve in this busy Christmas period. It has really paid off to keep a journal and keep my goals in front of me. I think too that I am the type of person that once decides on a definite direction, will work extremely hard to make it work.

Santa is on strike - greylead pencil

I did a quick pencil sketch for Illustration Friday’s theme this week “Mail” Titled “Santa hates materialism too” The image shows Santa’s sack stuffed in the mail box. The Mail-man can deal with this year! The sack has the original toys kids used to be grateful for and lying on the ground is the list of expensive requests for ipads, Wiis etc. It is hard to see Santa in the window on my image but he is watching TV. I haven’t had the chance to paint it large yet but thought I better upload the sketch at least.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone and have a great New Year!

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jcdillustration said...

What an original concept! Congrats on getting the studio set up and best wishes for your works in progress!

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