Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday Christian Performance Art

My Good Friday was amazing. I was very blessed to be part of the Careforce Church Good Friday service serving the god I adore with the gift he gave me. The Holy Spirit worked the room as our pastor Rohan Dredge gave a powerful message of the sacrifice on the cross. The musician and actors were brilliant as usual and the technical crew created the atmosphere that matched the message. It was emotional as we reflected on God's greatest expression of love. Jesus Christ suffered a horrible death to save our souls from certain death and restore us to our heavenly father so we can have relationship with God.

I kept the image as obscure as possible until the last moment and then formed the face quickly, adding the text and blood at the end. God helped me with the timing of every step and gave me the idea of painting small crosses and hearts at times mediately after the initial worship time. This is the biggest canvas I have ever painted and the challenge was painting back to front and through a poly cotton fabric that is somewhat resistant to paint. I had to paint thick and purposeful especially at the end. When God said wait i waited and when he said "GO!" I went as fast as I could. It was like running a marathon. I prayed through the whole process asking God to use it for his glory.

Photographer and Journalist Greg Carrick took a few photos of the morning and kindly emailed them to me to share with you.
Greg is currently exhibiting his work with me at the Monbulk Dream Centre and we have become good friends. Greg ran a community newspaper for some time and has just entered the world of blogging. His first article is about this morning's service.
Photographer's blog article: Point & Shoot


Greg Carrick said...

It was a lovely service (enjoyed having the bread & wine) and your painting added a very powerful punch to the message.

Cheryl Lynn said...

This was amazing. I am so happy for you that God was able to use the gift He's given you to His glory. That's what it's really all about, isn't it? What we do to win souls for Christ.

Good for you, my dear. Keep doin'!

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