Friday, November 13, 2009

How to make a Wedding Money Tree

Seen here without the bags or envelopes attached

A friend asked me to make a money tree for her wedding this month. A money tree is used at weddings for couples who would rather have monetary gifts to either help with the wedding cost or replace unneeded gifts. It can also be used for a message tree with tags made for guests to write blessings on them for the bride and groom. I did a search to get an idea on how to make one and am posting the one I made as it may help someone looking for ideas on this topic. This is how to make a wedding money tree.

Gather selected branches from a tree, stripped the leaves and dry it for a few days.
I also used two bought decorated branches the bride gave me but this is optional.
Arrange the tree by tying all the branches together with a strong elastic band and set the tree in a ceramic pot with plaster. (Don’t use patching plaster like I did as it will take weeks to dry properly!)
Once the plaster has dried spray the tree branches using a tin of silver spray paint, then spay the exposed plaster. Lastly spray the outside of the pot.

Spray paint the chosen boxes for the money tree bags or envelopes with the silver paint.
Thread 7 clear, white or silver beads onto cotton and tie on the ends of the branches. Continue the beaded decoration until the tree looks decorated but still plenty of room for the money bags or envelopes. (I used 7 on each thread as it is God’s perfect number and it was appropriately symbolic for the Christian wedding.

Next add a ribbon around the top of the pot and if you use a decoration like I did (the bells) you may need a glue gun to fasten in place or secure with glue.

Place smooth white river rocks on top of the plaster to finish the tree. (found in cheap stores or at places like Bunnings hardware in the garden section)

Make additional beaded threads for the boxes and decorate each with a matching ribbon and the beads. I used clear beads for the tree and added a few silver beads for the boxes. We used organza bags found at the cheap store. I think they cost about $2.00 for 10 bags. Enjoy!


Yomi said...

I dont understand how to connect the bags to the beads/tree.

Kayleen West said...

Hi Yomi. The bags have a pull-string and you tie them onto the branches.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this project. I just moved into a studio apartment and looking to decorate with plants, quilts, etc to liven up the place. Would love if you could post a video to supplement this guide though as I know many people are visual learners. Not an ad but i think people would benefit from This Site. I found some great material to help with this project. Cheers!

mary said...

Thanks for the great idea. This will be perfect for my daughters reception.

Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

You are most welcome Mary

sheri cumiford said...

so glad I found your page.i was stumped as to how to make a money tree for grandsons gave me great ideas.i love the idea of 7 beads as this is a Christian wedding..hugs,,sheri

Kayleen West said...

Hi Sheri,

So glad it was helpful. This is why I put it up. May the 7 beads represent a perfect wedding on the day. Congratulations to the couple.


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