Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy or UNHAPPY Halloween?

Do you know what Halloween is really all about? Have you heard the saying “What begins in fun can end in pain”? All of us believe in something spiritual beyond ourselves and search for answers. We also look for direction in what can feel like a confusing and sometimes overwhelming life. If the spiritual realm has some power then realise that this means it has influence.

The other night I was looking up a passage in the Bible and stumbled on a networking website for the supernaturally inquisitive. The post I landed on was from a girl, who was attempting everything she could, to call up spirits and demons with no avail (or so she thought). She had even performed an extreme ritual of signing a paper that sold her soul to the devil. This poor girl craves to be special. We are all given gifts of some sort but she doesn’t realise this. This need has taken a very terminal path that only God can turn around. The problem is she probably cannot see that now.

If anyone is prepared to play with the spiritual occult world, why not risk the highest and safest spiritual authority - God? The spiritual realm is very real and does influence our lives but it can be to our detriment. Like electricity and air we cannot always see it but it is real. I can say this as I have seen both sides with my own eyes and I assure you I am quite sane. I didn’t go to the extremes this girl did, but unfortunately in my life I did see a clairvoyant, indulge in horoscopes, looked at numerology and alternative ideas. Later I had to get all that spiritual baggage cleaned up.

If you are unsure if God exists, what harm is there in asking Him to reveal himself to you? If this girl had asked God in her heart and to make himself real to her, I believe he would have and still would as it say in His word "
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7 But there is only one way to do this. I dare you to question the existence of Jesus face to face. If you are worried that God would reject you because of all you have done wrong (NO MATTER HOW BAD) please listen to this:

We have a fallen nature and God knows this. God is holy and cannot accept or look upon sin at all. The price we pay is death - not here but after we die. He doesn't want sinners in heaven however he loves his most special creation (us) so much he sent his only son to pay the price of death for us. Everything he created was for us including the angles. Our sin (past and future) was paid for in full when his son Jesus was killed dying a terrible death. Even if we were the only person on earth he still would have done this. This is why it says in the Bible.

"I am the way the truth and the life; NO MAN cometh unto the Father BUT BY ME." ` John 14:6 (Jesus talking)

This something we cannot earn, it is a gift and I believe that scripture is the most important words in the Bible. Weather we accept it or not is our choice.

The Bible clearly states that we cannot go to be with God when we die unless we accept the gift of salvation. This is non-negotiable and I can see why God thinks like this. We have to be acceptable to God to live with him. Unfortunately good people do not go to heaven – justified people do. These are not my rules they are His. Our creator went to a whole lot of trouble to set us free of our sin, so we can have relationship with him now and after. This demonstrates his love for you and me no matter what we have done. He is not stupid, he knows what we are capable of and the evil that influences or temps us but he has offers us an option.

Like millions of others, I do not believe the Bible is just a historical account of the life of Jesus (New Testament). Apparently in the old Testament, it has over 1800 prophetic references that point to a future saviour, what he will do, where he will be born etc etc. Think about this. This was written hundreds of years before Jesus was born. They didn’t have the Internet back then, but people from everywhere where getting that message from God. Before you doubt the Bible please read it starting where it applies to us now (new Testament). Even if you initially read one section – say Mathew, Mark, Luke or John it will give you some idea.

If you have read this post and you are feeling the truth in my words then I assure you that God is calling you right now. This is what you can do. Speak out to him out aloud. Think about the debt Jesus paid for you and ask Him to forgive you for all you have done wrong in your life. Ask Jesus to come into your life, change your heart and life for the better. Ask Him to reveal himself to you so you know He is real and accept the gift of salvation He offered you when He died on the cross with a grateful heart. No matter what words you use, if you communicate this to Jesus, he will transform your life for the better.

You then need to tell someone who will understand and help you. Find a Christian who has a strong relationship with God or a Bible believing church that will support you. If you don’t get the support at one church find one that that will – but tell them you have just accepted the gift of salvation through Jesus and they will help answer anything you need. I am not telling you, you must now go to church, but that is a place where you will get answers and support.

God is not interested in religion, he wants to get close to you and guide you. God doesn’t break promises or tell lies. It is not in His nature and this is His promise to you. If you do this you will still have challenges in your life but this time you will not be alone. You will also have someone with great power watching over you, someone who can change circumstances and lift you over the bumps in your road. God will fill the voids in your life and satisfy your heart.
Even for Christians, the more authority you hand over to God the more he can transform and bless you. This is also true of the Devil but manipulates instead of blessing.

So what is Halloween about?......the thing God warns us against for our own spiritual safety.


Cheryl Lynn said...

Magnificent! And so very true. I was just having this conversation with a Christian friend of mine last week. They had a Halloween party at the school where I work and I simply asked the question, "Are we going to have a Jesus day, too, when Christmas arrives? People look at me crazy when I ask this questions but I am dead serious. It seems that everything is acceptable EXCEPT HIM.

Halloween is not just harmless fun. Just because we try to make it such, doesn't do away with its origin. This is a RELIGIOUS Holiday and should be treated as such. The double standard is very disturbing, especially in our schools.

Have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for such a truthful, Holy, and insightful post.

Kayleen West said...

Thank Cheryl. Peoples - I mention Halloween as a warning to make anyone who is uniformed realise the danger in these thing. Years ago my own children were involved in Halloween trick or treating also. Learning gives us the option to make an informed choice. Without all the information we remain in the dark. This is how our enemy works. If we are unaware of the truth we can be deceived. It is not a judgement. This is not our place. In all things there is only one person we have to answer to and that is God - not each other.

Cheryl it taked courage to step out in faith to say something. I would encourage you to offer the information on the topic as i am sure the teachers have morals but these things are often presented as innocent and harmless. If you have the opportunity to share your belief and why you don't want your children involved I would encourage to them point them to the passages that show how God finds these things "detestable" Deuteronomy 18 for example. The power is in His word more than what we do.
Thank you again for supporting such an important subject.

Cheryl said...

Found your blog while searching for information about the Cintiq 21UX. I was intrigued by this post, and all I have to say, is AMEN to each and every word!!!

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