Thursday, September 24, 2009

Space and Time to be Creative

The Cricket Prize
Hurray!.... the madness is over and I am free to get some book illustration happening. At 1.30am Wednesday I finally finished the large oil painting I was working on for The Cricket Prize competition. I sent the entry off express mail yesterday. Big paintings are usually a challenge but I really enjoyed this painting. It fell off the brush easily thankfully.

Book and more, read, read
Now free to concentrate on children’s books, I took off to the Lilydale library to collects picture books I had ordered. Sitting on the kiddie’s beanbags, I poured through every children’s picture book in the library while I was there. I was searching for anything that was especially inspiring to read or look at. Picking though the best illustrations, poetry, drawing and comic strip books, I loaded up the checkout counter with my impressive paper tower. The librarians assured me I wasn’t cleaning the kids out and that they had plenty. These ladies were extremely helpful; scanning the computers for anything they knew I would be interested in. Thanks girls.

Oh the joy…I have until Saturday to totally absorb myself in books, writing and illustrating while the kids are away. The house will be quiet and I will be able to welcome all the creative inspiration I need to get something down on paper.

Now I have my own space back I am firing on all four cylinders!

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Cheryl Lynn said...

That is so wonderful that you've recouped your time and your space to create.

I can't wait to see the results.

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