Friday, September 25, 2009

Wrapped about Quilts for Orphans

Quilts for Orphans - Wrapped & Pattern

I have had a ball testing out the Cintiq and finished off the illustration above. I started it a few weeks ago ago for IlIustration Friday (Wrapped). I missed the 'wrapped' theme date so I have linked it for this week's theme 'Pattern'.

The illustration was inspired by
Quilts for Orphans, a group of committed quilters. Experts and novices craft quilts from donated materials and ship them to orphans in the poorest parts of India.

This group of angels also create special quilts to sell to help purchase further materials for their cause. Apparently a quilt is somewhat a status symbol in India therefore the children feel very spoilt when they receive this precious gift. The quilts give the children something to lie provide a better place to sleep. Pockets are sewn on the back of the quilts and cards are sent in them with a note of live. Often school children make cards to send in the quilts.

If you love to sew and you can join up with this group or if you have any materials to donate for the quilts I am sure the ladies would love to hear from you.

Further information: Blog - Quilts for Orphans


rmsmi said...

Nice quilt patterns, color use and characters! It's very lively!

Coisas de desenho said...

Obrigada pelo comentário...
também adorei seu desenho e a colcha de retalhos!!!

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