Sunday, September 27, 2009

Christmas Card Illustration

Mice on the Run

I am working on the first Christmas Card Illustration for 2009 this week. Using what ever came to be while sketching in Photoshop I came up with these cheeky little mice stealing the gifts. I think they must be on Santa’s bad list.
This illustration is also appropriate for this week's IF theme - pattern. This is my sepia drawing. I am working on the colour version and adjusting the sketch slightly as I go. I will publish the final this week on my illustration website


Mighty Kwan said...

Those mice always cause so much trouble!!! Gee Whiz!! Well rendered image!! I like it!


Cheryl Lynn said...

This is very cute. Those mice are hysterical.

Great illo.

Laura said...

Love this illo! Your work is so highly detailed and whimsical, wonderful!!

Thanks so much for your visit :>

Brandon Starr said...

funny, I started sketching our xmas card this week too. good stuff by the way.

Shirley said...

Such GREAT energy in your illustration!! Love those cheeky little mice. Awesome!

Lauren said...

wow Kayleen you are doing some STUNNING artwork there!!! Beautiful stuff! love the illustrations they are just so beautiful.

Hope you are doing well xx

Kayleen West Black said...

Thanks everyone. I still haven,t finished it as I have been working on book illustrations the past week. I will try finish off this week so you can see the colour version.

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