Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artist's/Illustrator's Model Release - Free Download

I have just updated my Artist/Illustrator’s Model Release Template and thought I would post a link for download. This is what I use and I believe it is appropriate for artists and illustrators. If you enter a big art show that involves a model and mass media exposure I strongly advise you to get permission from your model/s!

Sketch of my son from my sketchbook many moons ago
What is a Model Release?
A Model Release is basically a contract that says that you’re allowed to publish a photograph or artwork that has people or a person that may be recognise in it. It is a privacy liability waiver; a document that the subject signs to show that they are ok with their image being public. There are Adult, group and minor releases. The artist’s model release template I created covers Adults and minors. Group releases have added lines or separate models releases can be used for each individual.
When do artists/illustrators need to use them?
There is conflict of opinion in this area. Some will say you need one at anytime if a person’s likeness will be displayed publicly but most of us know our models are ok with it and we don’t bother with the paperwork. Any complication is rare.

It is my understanding that it is important to have a Model release if the painting will potentially be used commercially. If it is used by an art show to promote the show, a company to promote its product or a non-profit organisation to promote its cause, then it’s being use for a commercial purpose, and you need a model release.
I have read that your art can be used for the commercial purpose of selling your painting, art book, or the pictures themselves (in ads for the book, etc). Commercial purposes means to use to promote some product/cause other than themselves (the illustrations, the books they are in or the paintings) as art. I am not sure if this is accurate so better to be safe than sorry.

Download Artist/Illustrator’s Model Release template.
Note: You are free to use my template however I need to advise you to seek accurate legal advice from a solicitor. I am an illustrator not a solicitor so please ensure you check out any concerns you may have in this area properly.


Cheryl Lynn said...

This is extremely helpful information. Thanks for the heads up.

Have a great weekend.

Beenznrice Illustration and Graphic Design said...

Hi Kayleen,

Thanks for your great information! I just found your blog today. I have posted on blog about this post here: http://beenznrice.blogspot.com/2009/12/artist-release-template-from-kayleen.html


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