Sunday, August 09, 2009

Children's illustration inspired by Mr Squiggle's method

Scribble Freakys
Do you remember how Mr Squiggle (a children's T.V character who drew with his nose) used to create a picture from a child's scribble? Have you ever looking at the clouds and visualised animals and shapes in them?
I finished this children’s illustration with fifteen strange characters I call my "Scribble Freakys". Their name derived from the process in which I created them. Most of these little characters evolved from scribbling on paper, looking at the scribble to see a face or shape of a character and developing them from there. In Australia we would call that "doodling". Four of the characters where created years ago when I was in my teens and the remaining eleven characters this week. The one at the back and the tiny red one in the front were inspired by a plant at the front door of a motel room I was staying in the other night.
I had so much fun with this illustration. After sketching the characters I made a groups sketch. I then copied the sketch onto a piece of paper and used coloured pencils and water to rough out the colours. I scanned the coloured sketch into my computer and repainted it in Photoshop over a couple of day.

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