Tuesday, August 04, 2009

3 more illustrations for kid's educational game.

Yesterday I finished three more illustrations for the game I posted about earlier. I have also altered quite a few of the earlier ones. It does pay to have a few days break and come back to revisit the Illustrations with a fresh eye. Some are quite different now. These cards are printed small and as a result the image lost some detail. I needed to print them out to see the impression reduced. This way I could tell that there was a problem with some in regard to contrast and the images or text standing out enough. I also felt the border need to be bigger so the final file has a wider border than those displayed here

I love this one in particular. The preps I teach just love the fact that God loves them and that they are most special to them. We visited the topic of Genesis and how God made everything just for us.

Guess who's come for dinner?
Here is the set so far however I am doing one more (insects) which will replace the rabbit one as I have 2 for animals. Click the image for a better look at the illustrations. I will post a file for CRE teachers to print and use when all done.

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Jean Levert Hood said...

Amazing work, Kayleen! I'm enjoying seeing all of your new illustrations!

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