Monday, July 27, 2009

Idle Self Portrait

I really enjoyed painting this portrait. It took me most of the day to complete. It is a digital portrait and I was so motivated I set up a canvas to do it in oil using my digital painting as reference. I have most of the oil painting done but not completed in time to post this week. The original photo was staged. I am rarely idle on any day but I pause once and a while to reflect on things.
A close up of the brush work.


judiart said...

Hi Kayleen,
Wow I am impressed with your portrait! I am a traditional oil painter,used to study at the East Ringwood studio with Graham and Barb,and have retired to Gippsland.My health has been chronic lately,so sadly am not painting in my studio or on location very often.I used to play with PaintBox,is this where you've created this? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Congratulations on your recent marriage! All the best and happy painting!
Judi Viti

Kayleen West said...

Nice to hear from you Judi. Sorry to hear about your health. The great thing about digital painting is that it is portable, non toxic and inexpensive (unless paying for a large program. I download the free program you mentioned (PaintBox 2.2.8) and checked it out. To be honest you won't het very far using it. It is very limited, a great program for kids doodles but not to paint. I was using Painter for the first time to test the program out. I loved it but I usually use Photoshop which does a wonderful job of all kinds of artwork. These programs take a bit of getting used to but are more than worth the effort.

I love Photoshop for Illustration and painting traditionally but if you are after a program that simulates paint behaviour then Painter is better for that. The newest version is Painter 11 and apparently runs faster than the earlier version but it is pricey at around $700-$800 AU.

I did find another similar program called SAI Paint Tool which you can download from here: This program is a free trail and apparently is good (haven't tested yet) and when you buy is around $50 US I think - alot cheaper. Also if you google SAI Paint Tool you will find links to some speed painting videos on Youtube etc.

Beenznrice Illustration and Graphic Design said...

this is gorgeous! i am working on a self portrait right now and you have inspired me to keep going!

Karen Sagovac said...

Your work is amazing! I am feeling much more inspired after seeing your blog - especially the way you have described each stage of painting a portrait. I have recently been commissioned to paint a portrait after exhibiting my first painted portrait and I am half terrified and half excited. I just have to do it now and get over my lack of confidence in myself...

Kayleen West - Children Writer/Illustrator said...

Hi Girls, So glad this has been helpful to you. Karen don't be too intimidated. What I would suggest is that you take the pressure off by telling the client they are under no obligation unless they love it. This way you can free yourself up to enjoy the painting as you would if you were painting for yourself and if they love it, it is a bonus. Commissions can limit us sometimes so it is important to remember why you paint in the first place – for enjoyment.

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