Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christian game Illustration progress

I have managed to complete two more Illustrations for the Christian game I am working on. I have sketched up 5 more Illustrations and hope to get more done today. All the Illustrations done before where formed directly on the PC with no thumbnails but really I should be sketching everything up first.

I have to say I love this happy crab.
He looks so friendly for a creature with sharp nippy legs!

I have repeated this little bird as I think he is entertaining for the kiddies and due to time restrictions I am recycling this character. I have decided to change the subject to 'mountains' instead of 'land' as I want to do one on 'ground' with a little worm in it.

I am juggling my graphic work and this project at the same time and thinking about the layout for a website specifically for my Illustrations. I do know that I won't be making the mistake of creating an annoying flash site which takes forever to load. They can be clever but really the visitor and hopefully PUBLISHER just wants to see your work. I would prefer it to have a colourful and happy tone and it be quick to navigate. Unfortunately the problem with my sites are that because I am the web designer my sites get done last!

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