Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Fires - Ways to help

Devastation & Loss
What a week it has been in
Victoria. The bush fires have been devastating. Never have we seen fires like these. Lives lost, homes destroyed and business/livelihood lost. It is a sad time for so many in Victoria. I have friends still waiting and praying their homes are safe and the feeling of helplessness is enormous. I was reflecting on the Marysville fires yesterday with concern for the restoration in that area. Marysville was a pretty little town in Victoria in a fairly remote area. It relied on the tourist trade and now that the businesses have been burnt to the ground, many of the residents are left without means of income. Even if they rebuild through insurance claims the time out will be financially challenging. It is like a war zone there.
Ways to help:
Power in Prayer:
I believe there is great power and hope in prayer and I ask all who read this to please pray for the families of lost ones and that the weather brings more rain and less wind to help the situation.
Buy Groceries:
This Friday, Coles supermarkets are donating all profits to the Fire Relief and so I encourage everyone to shop on Friday 13th February and stock up your pantries to help with the financial relief. Good on you Coles!
Bid for a Painting on Ebay:
In addition to my personal contribution I would like to donate some art for the fund and will be posting some paintings for sale on here. All proceeds will be donated to this cause also. Buyers can bid on Ebay. Please check back over the next couple day to see what I post for sale on Ebay. Remember any bid will be a contribution toward helping these people.
We face a few challenges of late with the economy slowing up and floods and fires in Australia, but it is amazing how much a nation has cope with when we band together and support one another. I encourage everyone to think about how they can contribute and to act on it.
For those suffering the most I pray you reach out to the most powerful resource you can ever have. Have hope in God Almighty and pray even if you haven’t prayed before. Jesus will hear your prayers. Faith of a mustard seed can be heard from a God who loves everyone of us no matter where we are or who we are. God Bless you all!

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