Friday, December 12, 2008

The true meaning of Christmas

Christmas time can be a wonderful opportunity to give with love. The commercialism of Christmas is a shame. I must admit I love giving pressies to those I love - I get a real buzz out of it, but this year I have decided to share the giving a bit further. A few opportunities have come my way and given me the opportunity to bless others and this in itself is a blessing to me. Today a friend emailed me a link and I would like to share it with you as i feel it is a wonderful way for anyone to experience Christmas with more love.

After watching the video on I quickly realized the importance of fresh water. As noted in the video, the fact that lack of fresh water kills more people than anything is something to pay attention to. When you consider that $450 Billion was spent in America last year on Christmas gifts and an estimated 10 billion is what it would take to supply clean water to everyone. If I was to spend $450 on gifts at Christmas, then only $10 would be enough to make a difference. Image if we all did it???
Quoting the website: “ $10 will give a child clean water for LIFE!”
If we spent more on personalising our gift giving with time, handmade gifts or acts of live, we could use at least some of the money saved on helping the poorest people on earth. At the same time we are restoring or building the close relationships we have.
We often take for granted what others depend on for survival – CLEAN WATER.
The donations are handled by Living Water International and I have also offered an oil painting as a draw prize for anyone who contributes to this fundraiser via my page. The winner will be announced publicly on my blog once the fundraising page time has expired. I will also note anyone contributing as a Thank you.
I encourage everyone to watch the short video and visit my fundraising page. Where you will find a link to download a Christmas certificate I created, should you wish to bless someone with a gift of love on their behalf.

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David Brayshaw said...

Merry Christmas Kayleen, to you and your family.
May the New Year bring you many blessings, Dave (in Sydney)

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