Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Artistic Conviction

Slow but I will get there...
I receive emails from an art business group in which I am a member. I pop in when I can and have a quick read up on our group and I commend everyone who has stayed active and kept this group going. Even though I frequent the group less often than I would like, and contribute even less (due to my recent inactivity re: art), it does keep me in touch. I have managed to paint 3-4 paintings over the last six months which I really enjoyed however graphic design keeps me so busy and does take priority. My last baby has recently flown the nest and I am a grieving mum. I miss my daughter heaps but I guess now I can only think about how the next stage of my life might be.

Growing Passion...
Recently I have become more involved C.O.M with different things related to helping the poor in India. God has put this on my heart. I have used my graphic skills to help in this area as well but I would like to utilise my painting skills in some way. We have so much and are so blessed and they have so little. An extension group of C.O.M manage a quilt making project which I was about to donate materials to but have considered spending some work time manually helping as well. The group has a blog called "Quilts for Orphans" which I read tonight after an email request from Susan. I was was truly touched. It is amazing what a difference a handful of people can make in the lives of the less fortunate.
I am judging an art show tomorrow but apart from that no real arty things to report. YET!


Lauren said...

hmm perhaps a two person show to raise money for orphans is the go Kayleen?

Jean Levert Hood said...

The best to you, Kayleen, for vision and wisdom.

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