Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have great potential but…

Although I sleep restfully these days, I sometimes go through patches of sleeplessness, as I did last night. I eventually got up around 4am and sat outside. I found myself looking up at the sky in awe. Last night was so clear you could see millions of shining stars and now and then I could spot a shooting star.

Recently I watched a video called “How great is our God” by Louie Giglio, in which the enormity of our planet was demonstrated with imagery beyond comprehension. The sizes of some planets are enormous and dwarf the planet we call home. Some planets literally make our earth look like a pin prick on a medicine ball. I marvelled at the incredible space before me and the thousands of stars that have been created. I thought to myself how incredible our creator really is and wondered (although hard to comprehend) if the stars were there to demonstrate how big God really is. Then I thought to myself, that although we are so small, God has made us in His image; complex and potentially astounding beings. The presence and achievements of some human beings impact this world tremendously. We all have so much potential but how much do we waste?

All of us could confess to wasting time, relationships, opportunities, gifting and talents. With each day we are blessed, we have a choice to use it well or to waste it. Every hour we make a decision to be productive or not. It may not be a concourse decision but we still choose.

I would consider myself a fairly self-motivated person, however I thought about how much of my life, has been squandered or mismanaged. How much better could I live my life if I took the time to appreciate the days given to me more and reflected more on how I spend them; what my true priorities really are? If we truly value time, then surely we would use it better, and for greater good in our lives and the lives of others we love.

Although sleepless nights or restlessness can put us in a place of discomfort at times, I often wonder if this is a positive thing. If our mind is active and needs to process matters, then surely surrendering to this time, treating it as an opportunity to reflect would produce revelations and possibly solutions to our wonderings. Often we insist on filling all our time with business and noise or distraction but are we wasting golden opportunity? I know for me these times often result in awareness, revelation or problem solving. If I didn’t have quiet moments of reflection my journey would be slower and more challenging than it need be. Perhaps I need even more?

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