Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Thornton Painting Weekend

I finally took a break last week and spent a couple days away painting. It was great to finally scratch my painting itch and get some painting done. This was the kick start I needed as I enter a couple weeks holiday and although I have graphic and web work to do, I intend to get some overdue ‘me time’ in as well.

I spent a few days with a group of art colleagues and their partners in
Thornton Victoria; a small township located near Eildon. Artist Ern Trembath kindly offered his large, homely studio for a painting week to a group of artists I mix with (Valley 10). We all immediately fell in love with the huge mud brick studio with its large open fire place and spent our days painting and chatting in front of the fire during our breaks and meals.

I left for Thornton on Friday night and returned home Sunday after photographing around the Thornton property and river and driving across to Eildon to check out the Eildon dam for photography possibilities. Saturday was my painting day and I made a start on three medium sized oil paintings which I have continued to work on this week. Armed with three 18x22 inch canvases I blocked in two landscapes and one portrait spending a good part of the day on the landscapes and the evening on the portrait.

I will post the painting progress photos as soon as I complete the oil paintings. To be continued…


Lauren said...

oh drool!! That looks like painting heaven!

I dropped by because I thought of you when I found this link

Not sure if it is helpful or not. xx

Kayleen West. said...

yes it was pretty good to have all that space. I miss my big studio.

Re: that link. I know someone who has used them for a portfolio and was happy with the results. I have a company coming around next week so show me something similar so I will check that out too.

xx :-)

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