Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oil Portrait Painting In Progress

This week I have been working on an oil portrait painting of my son. At this stage of the painting I have worked the painting over four days and although I have some glazing to do on the face and the hands are only half finished I thought I would post the progress photo at this stage. I need to work on the blanket Tim is sitting on as it was pointed out to me that it looks like teeth and it does!
I will post all the stages of the portrait painting in my next newsletter with information on the stages of the painting. I should have the portrait completed by then.


Dawn Maureen said...

That is absolutely amazing !

Lauren said...

Oh Kayleen that is just sooo beautiful! I can't believe how awesome that looks.

You are doing my kids next!

Kayleen West said...

Thanks Dawn.
Lauren I would love to paint your children next. Just let me know when you are ready.

A.K. said...

you are so great...i get so bored working on same thing for so long :(

Rishi Kapil said...

This is an excellent work . Love the fabric .

Kayleen Cavill (West) said...

Thanks everyone. If you want to see an article I did with several progress steps take a look at this one:

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