Friday, June 27, 2008

When Opportunity Knocks Where Are You?

What is your focus - waiting for opportunities or wasting them?

Whether we want to admit it or not, for most of us, life presents many opportunities; opportunities we do not take advantage of. We can often be neglectful of prospect because of our rushed and busy lifestyle.
One of the paintings I have sold recently:
Pastel – Summer Waratah

Confessions of a frantic.

Speaking for myself, I know I have discounted plenty of opportunities in my life both personally and professionally. Although many opportunities go unnoticed, many more are waisted by inaction or discounting their actual worth. I will be the first to admit I regularly let probably excellent opportunities pass me by because life’s responsibilities can consume me and leave me feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even confused. A hectic lifestyle can fragment or confuse our direction. Even though I am quite capable of acting on a good thing, I am often time poor and cannot manage to squeeze another commitment into my schedule.

Self talk can inhibit or empower us.

We can easily tell ourselves that the opportunity presented to us may not be worth the effort or time commitment, then later wonder if acted upon, would our business or life be more successful. Has this happened to you? I often wonder which opportunities I should have put my time into.

Missed opportunities to exhibit.

Recently I have had many invitations to exhibit my work but I have procrastinated, not knowing if I can truly commit to the time involved. Not knowing the venues or persons involved I never know if it is months of work for little reward. Being uniformed is work. I know researching a venue takes time and this situation can lead to me putting it off.

Rushing things can lead to missed prospects.

I found an old exhibition invitation on my blog comments this week. I was wondering why I didn’t get notification on my comments and told myself “I must get to that and fix it”. You guessed it – It took a while. I realised my comments where being lost in my older blog posts as I had not entered the correct email address for notification (now rectified) – missed opportunities to interact with you all. Ok so now I can respond quickly – whoo hoo!

A big promotional opportunity waisted.

One of the biggest business opportunities I waisted and I now regret was an invitation for a substantial splash in the Woman’s Weekly. The Woman’s Weekly is a very popular magazine in

with a huge following. I was invited to be featured with my portraiture after the actor John Wood from the TV show Blue Heelers noted a painting he has purchased from me in an interview in the magazine. John had been sitting for me for a portrait and bought a few paintings from me. The woman who contacted me from Woman’s Weekly offered a possible double page spread. Can you believe I passed this up? I still shake my head today and wish I had followed through. Why did I pass it up? The answer to that is that I had a challenging personal situation at the time and put it off until later and by the time later came, I had forgotten about it. This happened several years ago and I wonder what that kind of exposure would have done for my art career – hey?

So what is the point?

There is no point brooding over waisted opportunities however, maybe we should all look at each opportunity that arrises and prioritize a little better and try to do that little more. Ask yourself whether you focus too much on getting the opportunities rather than the ones right in front of you right now. Are your present opportunities bigger than you think and should you be acting on a few?

I would love to hear your views on this article and your experience with opportunity and will respond to any comments (now I have organized my blog email better!.)


Lauren said...

I guess there is no point asking that "what if.." question, especially as that time has come and gone. You can't go back, and who knows if it would have been worthwhile or not. I guess we just have to do what we can, when we can.

I regret not flying over to Perth for my exhibition opening last year, I had the chance to fly in and out for the weekend. It would have been wild and exciting to do, but fear stopped me... I should have just done it as it would have been more fun than just folding washing. (which is what I ended up doing!)

Still, next time I won't be so quick to say no... so we learn from our mistakes and grow.

Kayleen West. said...

You are absolutely right Lauren. It is a shame when we miss out because we inhibit ourselves in some way, but if we learn from it then the next time we are presented with a good opportunity we may well act on it.

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