Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping Your Art Audience Interested

Building an enthusiastic audience as an artist is not easy….. or is it?
The key to building your audience as an artist is being out there and getting those who see you to want to come back again and again. We want an audience but more importantly we want them to come back and preferably refer us to others. To keep them you have to supply valuable information and good service. You have to do this regularly (that’s the hard part I find).
How do you build your audience and keep them interested?
You talk about your art on your blog and share what is interesting to them, give them handy tips and you are generous with any freebies and helpful tools that may be useful to them. This is what I try to do and am trying to do more often as the weeks go by. If your audience is mostly buyers you need to talk about your art, where to find it, why it is a good investment and treat those who buy with appreciation ~ Treat them like royalty!
Make your job easier in the long run
One thing that makes it easier to provide communication between you and your creative audience is to build your mailing list or RSS feed so you can get information to them easily. You don’t ever want to rely on your readers seeking you out – That takes effort and it is easy to forget you amongst millions of other sites to distract them.
Setting up a RSS feed and newsletter subscription has enabled me to provide a better and more organised format for sharing information with my readers and you should contemplate doing the same if you have not already done so.
Freebies that will help
This month I have shared with you that I have joined a mentoring group at I wanted to let you all know that there are a couple of free downloads that will help you to create your own list and start building your audience and organise your communication with them. I have said before that I use Aweber for my mailing list management but the links below will help regardless who your lists are with.
Grab the free reports and codes from the links below:
The Magic Subscriber Codes: How to Grab More Subscribers

How to Grab More RSS Readers by Offering a Bonus

It is a win win situation when your readers are getting free stuff and you are getting the returned visits and building relationships with your audience. It would be a lonely creative journey without other people to share what you do.

Ok......So now go and start creating a way to build your mailing list and connecting with your audience!


Lauren said...

Do you know of any free mailing list programs Kayleen? I need to do another mailing list but don't want to keep the files on my computer, I'd rather have them stored online somehow.

Any suggestions?

Kayleen West said...

Hi Lauren,
Yes I do but there are a few things to consider so I will post an article on my blog with all the information.

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